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Holy Hike #6 10 July 2021

We will be hiking  Point Mountain, which is very accessible and well-loved.  It begins with a steep start, then continues as a nice ramble along  the crest of the mountain, along fields, and then parallels the Musconetcong River on the return of this 2-ish-hour loop.  Here's the 411: I can meet folks at CHS at 8:30 and then we can caravan to the trailhead.  Otherwise, meet at 9:00 here: Five intrepid hikers completed the Point Mountain hike.  Sally Bird soldiered on despite her left knee issues.  What a feat!  Here are some pictures from the hike: The Agony of Da Feet!! From left: Sarah Shive, Sally Bird, Mary Scott Chanterelle Mushrooms Growing Wild Howard with View of Mansfield from Top "We're almost there!  Honest!"